At the moment of writing, MELVIN® is on the “operating table”. Not because something is broken. On the contrary! The first prototype of MELVIN®, after a long period of adjustment and fine-tuning, is about to be finally installed and will be ready for final internal testing in February.

Hard work pays off. This is something of which the assistive device MELVIN® is a “vivid” example today. Calculations, screwing, welding and adjustments have been thoroughly performed. Because a brand new invention like the welfare technological assistive device MELVIN® requires ongoing adjustments and modifications during its development phase.

One thing is theory — another is practice!

MELVIN® has been created following a request of Aalborg municipality. That is to say, citizens from Aalborg Municipality have asked the home care staff whether it was possible to make a solution that could give them the freedom to go to the toilet the same moment the need arises. The solution was a phone call away. That is roughly speaking. Inventor Lasse Thomsen got a call from one of Aalborg municipality’s project managers. This call got Lasse’s development gene into full swing. The first six months, the task seemed impossible to solve, but suddenly a solution was near. This was what finally kicked off the development of MELVIN® as it looks today. Now, barely two years after the call, MELVIN® is ready to give users their freedom back.

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