MELVIN® will soon be ready to take its place in the users’ private homes. And in any other context, where the installation of this assistive device can be of benefit.

The product has been tested time and again by its inventor, Lasse Thomsen, and by constructors, engineers and family members of the very same group.

“I dare not think how many times I have had my trousers put on and off by MELVIN®. At the beginning the process was a little too slow and the flow could be a bit mechanical, but now everything has fallen into place, easily and naturally. I am close to having it installed in my own toilet at home – you get used to it so quickly”, says the inventor, Lasse Thomsen, with a smile.

MELVIN® can be virtually mounted anywhere as long as there is a wall and enough space from wall to wall. The assistive device is primarily intended for installation in users’ private homes, in nursing homes or hospitals. Near existing toilets – whether we are talking about a standard toilet or a toilet with rinse and dry function.

Currently, a group of citizens from Aalborg Municipality are testing MELVIN® at “Center for Velfærdsteknologi”. They are the very first. Testing is essential, since the assistive device must be as secured as humanly possible. Secured in the sense that we want to be as certain as possible that MELVIN ® works every time with the same precision and sensitivity, and that users can find out how to use the assistive device. Our product must be tested – testing is the Alpha and Omega of a welfare technology product such as this one. It is not sufficient that we internally are familiar and comfortable with this assistive device and that it has worked here every time. Whether it works with the user is what matters.

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