It was a sunny Friday, 11 March. Not just literally. The joy of the Melvin ApS team was paramount, and they could not stop rejoicing after the joyful news of the nomination for the 2016 entrepreneur prize in welfare innovation.

Over the past two years, Melvin ApS has been working extensively with the development of the assistive device MELVIN®, which has required numerous working hours and long nights. The interest has been great throughout the process, which the team has found enormously motivating. Now that the company is approaching the finish line with a complete product, the nomination is an enormous acknowledgement because it shows that the concept is valuable and the approach is the right one.

About the justification for Melvin ApS’ nomination, CareWare writes the following:

The solution is focused on a great need in the market, which has not been addressed yet. This is a solution that can give users better quality of life while at the same time offering municipalities potential for savings. Behind the solution is a strong and experienced team, who manage to enter into high-quality collaborations. The development process is well thought-out, and there is a potentially huge market, especially if synergy is achieved with e.g. washing toilet suppliers for a total solution. Read more at

The winner of the Entrepreneur Award will be selected during the 2016 CareWare Conference on 12-13 April 2016. Perhaps you would like to participate?

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