On a societal level, there is a growing focus on the illness COPD, and COPD specifically is among the most frequent lung diseases in Denmark.

One of our testers with the diagnosis COPD only had 23% of his lung capacity left. He was able to handle the visits to the bathroom on his own, but experienced dizziness, respiratory difficulties and shortness of breath, when bending down and getting back up again. For this reason he had MELVIN® installed for testing.

The citizen with COPD experienced that the illness would evolve in time, and that MELVIN® would become a necessity in the future, so as to have enough air to independently go to the toilet. Therefore, he was very positive about the aid and its possibilities.

                    Energibesparende principper ved MELVIN

“I am glad to have learned it now, so I can use MELVIN® when I have a greater need for help. I can feel it fast declining, including me air capacity,” says the tester diagnosed with COPD.

Toilet visits take a lot of energy and resources for a person with considerably reduced lung capacity, which is the case with COPD. It is hard and exhausting to go to the toilet several times a day. Thus, it is particularly relevant to save energy in relation to toilet visits. With MELVIN® the citizen uses less strength and saves air then going to the toilet. During testing of the aid, the tester diagnosed with COPD experienced that he with MELVIN® could reduce his critical actions to half of the usual when going to the toilet.

                    Energibesparende principper og KOL

MELVIN® as an energy conservation principle
In relation to the test run in the Municipality of Aalborg, professional experts have evaluated that MELVIN® has a potential as an energy conservation principle, able to support the citizen in training. The training contributes in making the citizen completely independent, which means the home care for toilet visits can be postponed one year. Read more about the test run in Aalborg here.

Advantages of energy conservation principles:

  ◆ Energy for focused training related to COPD

  ◆ Increased muscle mass

  ◆ Prevention of falls

  ◆ Increased functionality in ordinary everyday life

  ◆ Prevention of depression

  ◆ Prevention of isolation

If MELVIN® is used as an energy conservation principle; the citizen will have more energy for focused training, which can prevent deterioration of the condition. There is thus a great potential in introducing MELVIN® early on, so the citizens with declining illnesses, such as COPD, have resources to get to know MELVIN® in a dedicated and committed way.

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