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We are at your disposal to answer all the questions you may have. For example, would you like to hear more about how MELVIN® helps users in practice to put on and off their trousers? Are you in doubt that MELVIN® is the solution that can make the difference for you, your spouse or parents? Or would you like a closer look into the huge amounts that the municipality can save? We will help you to find the answers.

As inventors and manufacturers of MELVIN®, we are always available for questions, and will be more than happy to discuss your problem with you. We also offer presentations of MELVIN®, whenever relevant. If you are ready to buy MELVIN®, we are ready to take care of your order – see the contact information below.

Headquarters and R&D

Melvin ApS
Faaborgvej 15A
9220 Aalborg Øst
Tlf: +45 2220 8880
CVR: 37131784