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Thanks to MELVIN® waiting and scheduled visits to the toilet are things of the past. MELVIN® gives users the freedom to go to the toilet the moment the need arises. With MELVIN®, users who currently depend on personal assistance for undressing and dressing when visiting the toilet will become completely or partially independent of day-to-day care. Dignity and quality of life are therefore paramount.

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This is how MELVIN® works

MELVIN® has three primary functions. These three functions make up one precious whole for users with disabilities, because of which they are incapable of tackling the daily visits to the toilet on their own.

1 ) Fingers

The name Fingers stems from the source of the concept and the final design, which is reminiscent of our own fingers. The fingers are the ones that ensure that both the user’s trousers and briefs can be pulled up and down effortlessly. In other words, the process can hardly be distinguished from what we ourselves or the care givers do every day. The four fingers are carefully driven down the waistband by following the lower back, leading the two sets of fingers to the side, whereupon the arms see to it that the clothing is pulled away from the body and down.

2 ) Arms

The arms are the ones that do the work. In other words, hitching the clothing and moving up and down. The arms run effortlessly on a rail at a preset speed, which is adapted to the user. The height of the arms and fingers position will also be accurately adjusted to the individual user. This means that MELVIN® will be at the correct height corresponding to the waistline and will pull the clothing properly because it responds to the resistance of the respective article of clothing.


3 ) Armrests

MELVIN® is also equipped with armrests. They move up and down in step with the assistive device cycle. This means that when the trousers are down, the armrests will follow. In other words, support is provided both when the user sits down and afterwards, when the user stands up. This way, physically weak users and users with balance disorders are helped along the way. The armrests can also be split up in the middle, making it possible to use MELVIN® in smaller toilet spaces.

4 ) Buttons

Finally, MELVIN ® is equipped with a set of buttons. One forward and one back arrow button. The buttons activate MELVIN®. This means that a cycle starts as soon as the forward button is pressed. Once the button is released, the assistive device stops immediately, giving the user full control over the process.

If the user prefer a joystick to buttons, this option is available too.


This is why you should choose MELVIN®

MELVIN® is an assistive device that can make an essential difference. Not only for municipal economy and time, but also and in the highest degree for its users.
MELVIN® solves a well-known problem for users and care givers.

We all have some basic needs. Among these, the need to visit the toilet throughout the day. But not everyone can cope with this task on their own. For one reason or another. Here, we are specifically referring to the fact that we have to take our trousers off before using the toilet and put them on afterwards, which for some users is impossible without assistance from caregivers or relatives. This can be due to everything from paralysis of the arms, hand arthritis to broken back or simply ageing, i.e. impairments because of which users are incapable of handling the otherwise natural part of toilet visits on their own. Impairments that make the users dependent on other people in situations where we want to handle it all by ourselves. These users receive home care visits about 5 times a day. A task which can be better handled with the help of automation.

MELVIN® increases the users' degree and sense of self-reliance and preserved dignity.

Users benefit considerably from MELVIN®. This is so because they can be independent again and get their freedom back, thereby going to the toilet as soon as they feel the urge. Waiting time and scheduled toilet visits thus become things of the past, which means that the dignified care is in the spotlight.

This may be of great psychological and physical significance. Psychological because the user’s intimate space would not be violated, the user will not depend on another human being, and thus will not be deprived of his/her freedom to act on his/her own. At the same time “accidents” are reduced and the waiting time is taken out of the equation. Physical since the waiting time and accidents may cause infections and skin and bowel function problems. The user will thus become self-reliant in extremely personal times, which can have a big impact on the individual’s self-esteem and hence quality of life.

MELVIN® pays off in less than a year and frees up funds for other welfare.

MELVIN® not only has unrivalled advantages for users, relatives or care givers’ well-being, but also for municipalities. Nowadays municipalities use numerous resources on personal care – including toilet visit assistance. In Aalborg Municipality alone approximately 700 citizens need help with toilet visits about 5 times a day. The duration of a visit for this purpose can be estimated at 10 minutes while transport time be estimated at 5 minutes. This makes 15 minutes per visit – as a minimum. Anyone can work out that this comes quite costly on a yearly basis. With MELVIN® some of the visits can be avoided, as a result of which there will be a noticeable difference for the municipal resources, who today are under strong pressure. MELVIN® can even make its money back in less than one year, which means that the savings will be felt already in the budget year the purchase is made.

Freedom for the user

The freedom to be able to go to the toilet the moment the need arises is regained and the dependence on assistance is reduced. In continuation hereof, the quality of life increases, which is closely linked with the feeling of freedom and dignity.

MELVIN® specifications

MELVIN® is designed taking into account many different types and sizes of toilet spaces. It also uses as a starting point different types of toilets - including toilets with and without washing function.


MELVIN® is developed and designed to be integrated into any home and toilet space, provided that there is sufficient distance from the toilet to the wall. With or without a toilet with washing function. This has been our goal from the beginning, which is why we have paid private visits to various users to gain insight into the development of their circumstances. Precisely in order to adapt the product to the prevalent size conditions.

Below you can see MELVIN®’s dimensions – measured from the highest, widest and deepest point.

Height: 182 cm
Width: 94 cm
Depth: 126 cm


Our ambition is to make it possible to install MELVIN® in any toilet space, so everyone would have the opportunity to benefit from this new welfare technology. This means that the connection must also be universal, to be able to merely connect MELVIN to a 230v power supply/source. Sufficient space for mounting the aid on the wall behind the toilet is also required.


MELVIN® is cheap to operate. The aid uses energy only during operation. That is to say, when the button is pressed and MELVIN® is in motion.

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